Color Hardener Manufacturing

Azzamcrete Color Hardener:


Azzamcrete Color Hardener is ready to use, dry shake Color Hardener.
Azzamcrete Color Hardener have been specially developed for easy integration onto the surface of freshly placed concrete. It is a unique blend of synthetic colors & engineered color hardening agents that provide the most reliable color hardening products in the market today.

Azzamcrete Color Hardener is regularly used as a floor hardening and coloring agent to simulate the look of brick stone, tile and slate. It is also used in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential application for concrete floors.


  • It is available is several shades.
    NOTE: the white is generally non-yellowing
  • Does not shrink or crack.


  • 3 Kg/m2 for light duty and dark colors.
  • 4 Kg/m2 for light duty and light colors
  • 5 Kg/m2 for heavy duty application

Azzamcrete Antiquing Release

Azzamcrete Antiquing Release is a dry powder, proprietary ingredients and coloring pigments designed for use in the concrete imprinting process to allow the clean release of texturing tools from the wet concrete surface. Azzamcrete Antiquing Release adds color variations and highlights to the textured surface, providing an attractive two-color antiqued look that very closely resembles natural material.

It is highly recommended to develop a routine maintenance schedule for all concrete, so that it will maintain a top quality appearance. Every 24 to 60 months, colored concrete should be inspected, cleaned and resealed.

Average consumption is 7 – 10 meter/Kg


Azzamcrete Overlayment

Azzamcrete Overlayment is the process of applying a thin polymer cement overlay on top of existing concrete to restore and protect the existing concrete. it can also be used to repair existing surface that has settled. Depending on the design needs, Azzamcrete Overlayment can be finished like conventional concrete surfaces, staining or splatter the texture with or without a pattern.

Ideal for exterior and interior applications.(Shopping malls, residential stamped overlay are available in a large variety colors and textures to match your needs.


  • Stronger than concrete and much, much easier and simple to clean.
  • Cement based material (typically textured. stamped & resurfacing)
  • apply to exterior driveways, walkways, parking lots, etc…
  • Azzamcrete Overlayment will extend the life of the substrate with minimal maintenance.
  • Variety of colors and patterns to fit any design.
  • Excellent adhesion to all or new concrete.
  • Chemical resistance
  • Removal of the existing pavement layer is not desirable.
  • Azzamcrete Overlayment consists of a thin concrete layer 4″ or less.

35 Kg Paper Bag.